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16 Oct

Women Creating New Businesses through Ecocina Stoves

Tonya is a Honduran woman who purchased an Ecocina stove two years ago from Anibal and Rossana's factory in Copan Ruinas. Together with two friends, who also owned Ecocinas, they created a catering business to serve traditional Honduran food to tourists and locals. With just three stoves, the women have been able to cook for up to 600 people at a time, cooking delicious dishes like meat and cheese empanadas and flavorful chicken and beef skewers.

Their business has taken off, and recently the three women were asked to prepare food at an important annual Rotary conference that took place at the ruins of Copan this year. Rotarians from all over Honduras traveled to Copan to participate in three days of events centered around the service work Rotary does throughout the country.

While the women cooked food for the visitors, Anibal and Rossana talked with the hundreds of Rotarians about the Ecocina stoves. There was much interest in the stoves, and the women did a fabulous job. Through new women-run businesses like Tonya's, Ecocina stoves are making a difference in the lives of the people who own them.