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13 Nov

Update from Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico

The team that has been doing stove testing in Honduras this past week has completed the first year of stove testing in Nuevo San Jose. We found that every family who had received an Ecocina a year ago still had it in use. The good news is that everyone is using the stoves, but the bad news is that a few of the metal parts are requiring a better grade of metal. We have the local hardware store in Copan Ruinas searching for a source of metal with a higher carbon content, and this will mean better stoves in the future. StoveTeam strongly believes in field testing to make sure every product is as good as it can be, and this method of testing will continue to be in place in the future.

We had more than the usual volunteers with us in Copan Ruinas, and the first were a group from Colorado State University who will be doing a study on the effects of smoke on the human heart. We helped them identify two communities, a bi-lingual assistant, and supervisory people in Copan Ruinas to help. They will be there for six weeks at a time at six month intervals for as long as it takes to get good data.

The others who joined us were the factory owners from Guatemala (Marco Tulio Guerra) and El Salvador (Gustavo Peña) and a representative from the carbon credit company, Microsol (Louise Hagler). As all of these people were in Honduras to receive training on how to set up carbon credit programs in various countries, our two volunteer attorneys from Eugene (Sam Roberts and Brad Litchfield) decided to join us as well.

Once the team departed, I took the bus to Guatemala to meet with a representative from Planeterra (Kelly Galaski) to talk about setting up a pilot project with Marco Tulio's stove factory to provide stoves to homes where Planeterra's adventure tourists stay. If the project is successful, it could spread around the world to the 100 countries where the company has a presence.

Stoves in production at the Guatemala factory.

I flew from Guatemala to Mexico City where this morning I met with Pablo Tenorio from Oaxaca who has promised to help with our new factory in his home town, especially as, to our surprise, I have already been working with his Uncle Hector, who is a member of the Bicentenario Rotary Club.

This morning's meeting was with members of Metepec Rotary (Jose Luis Lee and Rosa Maria Tremari Trueba) who I have now given a list of what needs to be done to start a stove factory in the State of Mexico. Now as my meeting with Cemex has been postponed, I'm writing from the office of Microsol.

Tomorrow I'll meet with Ashoka and then hop on a bus to San Miguel de Allende to meet the volunteer team. Reports are that all is well with the stove testing in that area, so stay tuned for more information!