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03 Jul

Investing in Social Impact

Ecocina manufacturingFoundations and individual donors alike are looking more and more to social entrepreneurs to solve the world’s social problems by investing in innovative approaches with potential for large-scale impact. StoveTeam International couldn’t agree more with this approach – our model illustrates that achieving a high return on an initial social business investment is indeed possible.

Since 2008, StoveTeam-sponsored businesses have produced and sold more than 50,000 clean-burning and fuel-efficient stoves in five countries in Latin America, impacting 373,000 men, women, and children. If the total combined investment of $750,000 to start these businesses had been used simply to buy stoves at an average cost of $55 per stove, StoveTeam would have distributed far fewer stoves – approximately 36,000 fewer.

StoveTeam’s promotion of the local production of life saving stoves through sustainable, independently owned and operated social businesses extends beyond the stoves produced and the families served. We impact a community from the ground up by stimulating local economic growth, providing jobs, and supporting local services, while simultaneously producing a product that benefits health and protects the environment.

In addition to helping secure start-up capital we help build entrepreneurial capacity through training in business planning, production, marketing, sales, and financial management.

With five existing stove factories in operation and three new ones in development, entrepreneurial capacity building is critical to ensuring these businesses start off on the right foot and stay there.