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21 Mar

Notes from Guatemala

I am so impressed with Marco Tulio's work and what he’s doing at his factory. Mason and I spent the day with him (8am until 4pm) and we checked the entire stove variety and learned more about his process. His sales have not been enormous, but in addition to establishing an impressive factory, he has produced around 175 stoves per month of various types. All seem to be well made and are being distributed.

He is currently offering:

  • A large school stove made somewhat like a nixtamalera on a stand. He's only sold around 15 as a pilot project, but they are well received in the Uspantan area.
  • A better version of the Onil stove. His stove has shelves on each side that are stable and well made. (We saw the Onil stove with its new wings - but they look unstable and weird in comparison.)
  • The Ecocina - the smallest and least expensive of the stoves, and they are currently repairing the molds for a new order. These are mostly sold in the coastal areas and he has an order with the University of San Carlos that is pending. These are for a project in the Peten with 16 students used as promoters.
  • His Hybrid stove made with a smaller Ecocina front with a plancha on the rear, but with a chimney. He's sold quite a few in the past 4 months. This is currently the top seller.