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22 Oct

New Look, Same Stove-A Report from Guatemala

This is a post by David Teague, a volunteer who has been working on bringing Ecocina stoves to the families of Cantel, Guatemala.

"After looking through pictures of some kitchen areas in Cantel, where we work with a school, I came up with a concrete block configuration that provides an elevated shelf to set the stove on and to provide some counter space, similar to kitchen layouts here in the USA. 

When a team went down in January, they put on a "stove day" to show people how the stove works.  I understand that it was quite an event.  I received a letter with some pictures of the activities of the day. 

One of the ladies commented that they could put tile around the block base and it would look real nice.  Here is what one of the stoves looks like installed."

-David Teague

Here is the letter from the school (translated): 

Dear Brother David of Kansas City,

May God bless you abundantly for the work that you do everyday.

In a very special way we wanted to thank you for the great idea you had with the project of fuel-efficient stoves.

The project has been received with much joy by the mothers and we believe that this will be very beneficial for our community, because they will now be able to save so much wood. Yesterday we had a big party with a drawing for stoves and also a demonstration to show how to use them in different ways. They cooked tamales, tortillas, and heated water. There is no doubt that the families will be very happy because of this project.

God will continue blessing you for the love you have for nature, our school, and the families of Cantel.


Colegio Evangelico Mixto Americano 'Mark'