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25 Jul

Good News from Honduras

Anibal and Rossana, the very hard-working and talented owners of the Eco-Copan stove factory in Honduras, recently sent us an update of what's been happening with their business in Copan Ruinas.

About a month ago, the Rotary Club of Copan Ruinas and the Rotary Club of Cupertino, California, were approved for a grant to hire local women to promote the Ecocina, educate communities about  the dangers of open fire cooking and the benefits of clean cookstoves, and to train and follow up with new stove owners to make sure that they use the stove properly. The grant also provides a subsidy to put the Ecocina within the reach of people who otherwise might not be able to afford a new stove.

"With the grant funds, a week ago we hired Delmy Gonzalez, who is a young woman about 25 years old and who looks forward to working hard. She is very interested in what we do, and she speaks very good English as she studied with a scholarship in the United States for two years. She comes a very poor family that is working here in Copan Ruinas and she has 7 brothers and their mother is devoted to some sales in the local market. She has contributed some very good ideas for the project and we are visiting the communities where we have greater concentration of stoves. One of those days we spent visiting San Jose (where StoveTeam worked in November 2011 and March 2012). The people are very happy with their stoves. The families who we visited were cooking and because of their beautiful testimonies about the stoves I bought a small, modern camcorder to record their testimonies and to try to develop a documentary for all of the Rotary Clubs that have contributed to our project and logically to you who are our inspiration and support to move forward.

Anibal and I send many greetings to you, Gerry, Susie, Elly, all of the boys, Bob and the other volunteers.

We love you, blessings."

-Anibal and Rossana