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01 Oct

Ecocina Stoves Well-Received in El Tigre

StoveTeam volunteers will be traveling to San Miguel de Allende in November to work at the factory and in the community of El Tigre to test Ecocina stoves. The community received the stoves in March in exchange for participating in our study. Here is an update from project coordinator John Doherty:

"We visited El Tigre on Friday. I went with two goods friends from Patronato Pro Ninos and helped them deliver and distribute food supplements to most of the families in the community. They in turn assisted me to communicate much more effectively with Adrian and Natalie the school teachers , as my friends are Mexicans.

We spent about 75 minutes there. After talking with the Maestros we greeted lots of kids who fondly remembered the STI Volunteers last visit as well as indicating that they are eagerly looking forward to the next one. Most greeted me as Senor Juan and it felt neat that they remembered our visits and the sharing we enjoyed. We also met and talked briefly with each of nine women ( all recipients of a stove) Included in this group were a couple of the women leaders.

The community had some difficult times during the extreme dry season but things are a bit better now with their crops improving and feed for their livestock. They received some government assistance recently to improve the roof structure in many homes, mainly in the form of materials. This comprised of some beams, insulation materials and tiles.

Each of the women sang praises for the Ecocina Stoves and a couple offered blessings. Eight of the women have been using the stoves every day with one of the nine indicating that she used the stoves every second day. In addition to making tortillas they have cooked most everything else on the stoves and are very happy. Each commented on the continued cost increases for gas and stated that being able to cook using a little wood on their stoves given to them by Stove Team International was a Godsend.

They will be delighted to greet your team in November on the dates of November 12th through until the 16th. The last day being Friday we will work with the women in the village to prepare comida for the whole community, the STI Volunteers, Rotarians and folks who helped put this together. It will be similar to the fiesta we had in March and will be just super."