Anibal Murcia

Anibal's Story

(translated from Spanish)

I come from a poor but very honorable family. I have 5 siblings and my mother lives with me because my father died when I was 5 years old. Thus I have had to strive a lot in order to progress.

Until a year ago, my income had always been generated by my salaries of public and private organizations.

My financial load grew to unmanageable levels when I built my house and started a farm to grow profitable crops (chili and tomato). Because of this situation and because of the high unemployment in my country, I was looking for a way to keep my farm while managing my financial commitments.

At that moment in my life, when it seemed impossible to continue, I met Nancy Hughes to whom I owe my current familiar and economical situation. For she—and her organization StoveTeam—gave me the possibility of establishing a micro company for the fabrication of ecological stoves (Ecocinas), which has resulted in my current opportunities:

  • I have my own source of employment.
  • I work every day with my family.
  • What I do has been a personal passion from years past: protect the environment.
  • I provide employment to 5 families from the region.
  • I contribute to the health and the economy of our people.

My life, and my family’s, have definitely changed after encountering Nancy. The importance of her help—for me and other families—is that it has not consisted in temporary giveaways, but instead StoveTeam has helped me become a sustainable micro entrepreneur by providing me with capital, technical and financial help.